Anabolic which means it builds tissue; increases muscle ATP resulting in enhanced performance and improved work capacity; increased lean muscle.

The ecdysteroid constituents (especially of 20E) found in maral root have shown to increase strength, endurance and promote muscle growth of athletes. 

In clinical trails, track runners that took ecdysten (found in maral root) orally for 20 days had an increase muscle mass and decrease fat content compared to controls.  

In animal models, maral root can increase the growth of tissue. 

Maral root may help with exercise capacity.

For example, runners who took maral root for 20 days had an increase in their working capacity (10-15%) and rehabilitation during intensive physical activity. 

In animal models, mice fed a blend of maral root, vitamin C, and bee pollen had an increase of working capacity (56%) after either training by treadmill or swimming.